Midland Technical Translations – FAQ

How do I get a quote for a document for translation?

  • Send in a copy of your document for translation, ideally in an editable format, to enquiries@midlandtechnical.co.uk.
  • Let us know what language you need the translated document in and when you need it by.
  • We’ll get back to you within 2 hours and aim to provide a quote within 4 hours.


Ideally we need to see document for translation first to check the format, language, legibility, wordcount and subject matter. Usually an email copy is fine.

We’d also need to confirm what languages you need, so if you’re looking for Chinese for example and can tell us where in China you need the document to be read, we can recommend the best local language variant to use. If you’re not sure what language your document is in, we can also help confirm that.

It’s worth considering the following points:

• Am I sure this is the final version of the text? Changes at a later date cause confusion, delay and additional cost.

• When do I need this back? We need to know your delivery deadline, to the hour if that’s important.

• What do I need this document for? Is it for publication, a court case, internal information? This will affect how we process the document and return it.

Providing this information is really important – giving us as long as possible to do the translation of your document and handle any queries means that our linguist can research, consider and review the final translation within a sensible timescale. A rush job is sometimes possible, but the outcome will never be good as a careful translation.

Once we have this information, you’ll need to decide if you need the translation to be proofread. Our Standard Translation Service is for information only – if your text is for publication, it should be proofread by a competent person who knows both your company-specific terminology and the two languages in question. If you don’t have someone available who could do this (a work colleague, overseas agent, or client for example), we can arrange additional document proofreading by a second qualified professional translator (our Publication Service).

Email your document for translation over now on enquiries@midlandtechnical.co.uk to get the process started, or call us on 07844 856 1086 if you have any questions.