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Guaranteed Delivery Service

Guaranteed Delivery Service

Guaranteed Delivery Service

Have you ever had a really important deadline, one that just can’t be missed?

Have you ever had to rely on someone else meeting that deadline too?

If you have an important meeting, or publication deadline, a presentation to give to a waiting audience or an urgent issue to solve, it’s sometimes vital to be able to rely on colleagues to provide the information you need.

If a translation is needed, for example for a court case, a conference, a tender deadline or some other urgent event you don’t want to run the risk of the translator missing your deadline or rushing the job and making a potentially critical error.

MTT (UK) Ltd offers a Guaranteed Delivery service with every job, so you know that we will deliver when we say we will – backed by a 20% money back promise.

This is a unique promise, that none of our competitors make, so if delivery is an issue talk to MTT.

When things get really tight, our Guaranteed Express Service is the one to choose –

Your urgent translation with guaranteed delivery to the hour, a call to make sure you’ve received it by fax/email and a hardcopy in the post for your convenience. We guarantee to deliver on time or you’ll get 50% back with our Guaranteed Express Service.

Many companies are taking advantage of this service for urgent letters, PowerPoint documents or instructions when a machine needs repairing fast.

Consider using it when you need to plan for a tight deadline or when an emergency has arisen – we’ll get the best quality translation back to you as soon as physically possible.

Of course we can’t perform miracles – but we will be able to tell you what’s humanly possible and with our network of over 500 professional translators available at the touch of a button, we’re never far from finding a workable solution.

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