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How To Book An Interpreter

How To Book An Interpreter

How To Book An Interpreter

What is Interpreting?

Interpreting is the ‘spoken translation’ of a language. We can supply interpreters for any language pair, for any circumstance, all over the world.

There are several different forms of interpreting. Before booking an interpreting job, it is important to identify which form best suits your needs.

What different types of interpreting are there?

    Consecutive Interpreting

    The speaker pauses at regular intervals in order for the interpretation to be given. This is used mainly for court hearings, medical appointments and small business meetings, as well as on guided tours or factory visits.

    Whispering Interpreting

    The interpreter whispers to the listener(s) (maximum of two persons) while the speaker is talking. Although this means that the presentation does not need to be interrupted, it can be intrusive to others at the presentation.

    Simultaneous Interpreting

    Interpreters work in pairs, using headsets, microphones and booth equipment. Used for large conferences or meetings this form of interpreting allows all participants to speak and listen in their native languages. No interrupting or pausing is required, and interpreters can speak to many people at once.

Once you have decided which form of interpreting is right for your job, or if you are unsure as to which form you need, contact us at MTT, and we will find the best interpreter to fill your requirements.

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