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Legal Translations

In addition to the highly specialised work of solicitors, companies working overseas or dealing with non-English speaking staff need to consider making use of professional translation services at certain times.

Consider the following examples:
 • Contracts and agreements benefit from translation so that both sides can clearly agree to what is being arranged. The potential loss from a misunderstanding is easily greater than the relatively small cost of a professional contract translation.

 • Interpreters present at contract negotiations can assist with cultural differences and expectations, making agreeing a contract easier and quicker.

 • Terms of business need to be understood right from the start to avoid problems with payment and delivery at a later date – clear information in the recipient’s own language helps clarify any issues early on.

 • HR issues involving non-English speaking staff are easier to deal with if an interpreter can assist or if documentation such as contracts or work instructions can be provided in the person’s own language.

 • If a dispute arises, translation of legal documentation and correspondence can assist with speedy resolution of the case - a colleague who sees you making an effort to communicate in their own language will be more ready to cooperate.

 • High value tenders often require translation which can be offered in a cost effective way to make the most of your bid. Professional presentation could make the difference.

MTT (UK) Ltd have over 26 years experience in providing both translation and interpreting services to industry in all languages.

Speak to us about how we can make your legal documents more effective and help you to get the best from your overseas relationships.

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