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Localisation - getting it right

Localisation - getting it right

Domino’s Pizza has recently opened stores in South Africa after an effective campaign in India, where they showed how a successful localisation campaign should be run.

Domino’s invested time and money to understand the local customs, preferences and tastes, meaning that they could offer customers something much more meaningful than just replicating what worked in another market. They researched local ingredients, found ways to keep prices low for a cost-conscious consumer base, and accurately calculated delivery times, all of which has contributed to making the Indian market Domino’s largest source of revenue outside the US.

Here are our top three lessons for companies looking to expand to a new market:

Plan and execute accurately

Domino’s studied local neighbourhoods, streets and traffic patterns to map out the best possible delivery times, which enabled the company to deliver on its promise of 30-minutes-or-less delivery times. Expert project planning is needed to make sure your offering will have the right value in a new market.

Know your market

Domino’s researched local ingredients and used flavours that would appeal while keeping prices low. Take the time to get to know your international customers and you’ll be able to develop products and services that address their unique needs.

Adapt your marketing strategy

Using mother-tongue translators in the localisation project offered the local context needed to create the right impression. Domino’s researched its target audience and found that a mix of Western culture and local values would resonate with a broad range of Indian consumers and be most effective.

Domino’s achieved success by taking the time to get to know their customer and speaking to them in a language they understand. Talk to us now to find out how we can help you do the same.

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