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Make sure you know what you are signing!

Make sure you know what you are signing!

Make sure you know what you are signing!

When you’ve put the effort into making a sale and forming a relationship with an overseas partner, the legal stages need to be completed correctly to secure your interests and investment.

Formal agreements, terms of business, purchasing conditions and HR contracts can all be involved in international relations. Perhaps you are leasing a factory or land, taking on an overseas agent or maybe setting up a line of production. You could be purchasing services, exporting goods or handling e-commerce transactions. Every kind of interaction will have associated documents with a legal implication.

Investment in professional translation of these commercial documents can save you time, money and headaches at a later stage and will ensure that everything is clear and understood by both sides from the start. A crisis may quickly develop if delivery terms are not clear or a particular specification is not met. The time taken in court to settle a case where a contract is deemed to be nonbinding due to an error or loophole can be very costly. It’s often cheaper in the long run to make sure things are right at the beginning.

To provide the best possible translations of these commercial documents, you’ll need an experienced linguist with in-depth knowledge of legal and contract terminology and also a background in your industry or field.

The linguist not only needs to understand the legal terminology involved, but also have a good appreciation of the products and production methods used. Foreign customs and ways of doing business need to be taken into account and overseas legislation needs to be understood.

This combination of skills can be tricky to find, but at MTT (UK) Ltd, we’ve a large database of experienced commercial contract linguists in a wide range of languages with varying technical and commercial backgrounds. With over 27 years of providing this type of translation to clients worldwide, we’re in an excellent position to supply you with experience, knowledge & advice.

Investment in professional translation can prevent a costly misunderstanding. Make sure you know what you are signing when you put your name on the dotted line.

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