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Marketing documentation

Marketing documentation

The Client

A well established, internationally recognised, highly successful PR company supplying Press Solutions and Media Management for all manner of clients including leading Automotive Component Manufacturers.

The Challenge

To translate press releases for international publication into several languages ensuring an accurate translation yet maintaining stylistic flair – all to a tight deadline.

The Solution

We developed a long-standing partnership using trusted and approved translators who knew the client and the product well. Encouraging direct client-translator communication to discuss terminology ensured the best possible translation. In addition, having every press release proof-read by another equally qualified translator guaranteed complete accuracy before publication. As we were able to work so closely with the customer and our team of translators, tight scheduling could be acheived with minimal disruption.

End Result

An accurate, consistent series of Press Releases ready for publication in the international market to raise the profile of a specific product or service in the desired country. An effective and productive relationship with the client and enhanced translator product knowledge. Complete Customer Satisfaction.


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