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The Client

An engineering company wanted to look at a Japanese patent to find out more about the technical aspects of the product.

The Challenge

Finding a translator who could not only understand the legal format of the patent document but who also was familiar with the technical aspects of the product involved.

The Solution

After an extensive selection process, a translator was chosen based on their unique combination of technical expertise and legal background. It was ensured that enough time was allocated to the translation so that an accurate text could be produced. In-house proofing of the translated text ensured the final version read well to an English speaking audience.

End Result

The translator’s level of fluency in the source language ensured that the translation was accurate and the legal aspects which are of prime important in patent translation were appropriately worded in the English version. Their engineering knowledge helped to ensure technical precision and that the specialist terminology used in the document was correctly used. Complete Customer Satisfaction.


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