BlogNewsRaising money for the blind by going blind for 24 hours

Raising money for the blind by going blind for 24 hours

Raising money for the blind by going blind for 24 hours

The owners of MTT (UK) Ltd, a Kidderminster based translation company are doing something really different to raise money for Beacon Centre for the Blind ( in Wolverhampton by being "Blind for 24 hours" on 15th July 2011.

Sue and Gavin Clark will be wearing big blackout goggles all the time and undertake a number of challenges, such as eating in the restaurant at the Copthorne Hotel, using the gym equipment and negotiating making a purchase in the Merry Hill Centre - difficult enough even when fully sighted. They'll be making videos so you can see how it all went too.

They have enlisted the help their two young daughters (12 and 10) as guides so they will learn a great deal about how it feels to assist a blind person.

Sue commented "To be honest I am terrified already. I'm doing it for two reasons:

First to raise awareness of the great work the Beacon Centre does in supporting the blind community across the Midlands. If I lost my sight, my livelihood and passion for languages and reading would be lost. It would have a tremendous impact on my life and that of those around me. We don’t really value our sight until it is threatened - we just accept it as being there and it’s services like the Beacon Centre which help people get back on track.

Second to raise the profile of blindness since it affects people in my family, in particular as a potential complication of diabetes, which my youngest daughter has recently been diagnosed with. She faces loss of vision as one of the earliest complications of diabetes, with potential vision problems starting as young as 12 - that's in just 2 years time."

The Clarks are looking to raise over £300 which will go some way to supporting this excellent cause.

Donations can be made via Just Giving

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