BlogBosses BlogRoald Dahls' 50th anniversary

Roald Dahls' 50th anniversary

Roald Dahls' 50th anniversary

It's interesting to think that the works of this author, born in Wales to Norwegian parents, are now available in 49 languages, for millions of people to enjoy.

Language plays such an important part in literature, with good translation enabling people the world over to be able to enjoy stories, culture and comment from overseas.

Book translations are not something that the team at MTT handle very often, as specialist agencies exist for this kind of project, but it's a fabulous thought that these classic tales can be shared via the medium of translation.

Dahl's stories are amongst my favourites - not only in English but in other languages too. Reading a story you know in a different language is a great way to brush up your skills. Why not try one and see how you get on?

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