BlogBosses BlogSo what did we translate in 2014?

So what did we translate in 2014?

So what did we translate in 2014?

If you’d like to know more about what our work actually entails, here are a few facts and figures from 2014 to give you a feel for what we do:

We handled translation projects in 36 languages, including Serbian, Nepalese, Finnish, Sinhalese, Hungarian, Romanian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Norwegian, Bulgarian and Thai. 

In the 31 years we have been trading, we have only once been asked for a language we couldn’t supply (for a remote African tribe with only a few living speakers!).

One third of the projects we handle are from a foreign language into English, so we have a large team of native English speakers covering a wide range of specialist topics.

Our average project is translated into 2 languages; however we also handled projects that went into 8 languages at a time.

48% of our projects were pure technical, for example technical manuals, reports, instructions, datasheets, software strings, apps or user guides.

39% of our projects handled in 2014 were for marketing purposes for mainly technical companies, for example a website for a foundry, brochures for a fuel additive company, press releases on drives, motors, gears, seals and gaskets, articles on automotive components and an online shop for work safety products.

The remaining 13% of our work was for legal firms, translating court case bundles, contracts, agreements, insurance claims, dispute letters, litigation files, providing medical interpreters for accident claims and court cases.

5% of our translation projects also needed specialist typesetting skills, from creating artwork for a translated business card or brochure to packaging for a component to be sold overseas.

Our overall customer satisfaction score for 2014 was 97%.

If you’d like to discuss a project for 2015, please get in touch on 0844 856 1086 or drop us an email to



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6 years, 8 months ago.

Lucienne's reply...

Well done. 97% Customer satisfaction. Fantastic.

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