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Software Translations

Software Translations

Software Translations

Whether it be a PC program or a hand held diagnostics system for cars, any application running on equipment destined to be exported may need software translation for the user interface. There are many factors involved in the translation of software which don’t apply to normal document translation.

Consider these potential issues :

  •  the character set available may not support Russian or Arabic characters,
  •  line length may be restricted to a certain number of characters where the display is small on a hand
    held tester.
  •   some software codes may need to be included in the right place in the translation string
  •   the software may only be able to be edited using certain applications.

MTT have many years of experience in finding the right translator to handle these issues, with experience in the relevant field.

Over the past few years we have handled welding robot control software, automotive engineering diagnostic software, printer control software, web apps, forensic equipment applications…

By talking to us before your project goes ahead, we can help make the translation of the software as easy as possible.

Consider these tips:

  •  ensure the restrictive parameters, if any, are clearly explained so that the translator knows the boundaries and can work with them
  • make the user manual for the equipment available to the translator. Often the sofware gets translated before the manual, but any background information will help the translator to do the best job possible.
  • cleary define the context for short phrases and single words – often they will need to link up with other strings or require a grammatical agreement.
  • respond to translator queries with as much information as possible – we’re happy for you to talk direct to our translators to get the best outcome psosible.

Software translation needs a specialist who understands:

  •   what needs translating and what doesn’t
  •  how the equiment works
  •   what kind of user will be using the equipment.

If you would like any further information on how our MTT specialists can help with your software translation, just get in touch.

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