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Specialist translators – why bother?

Specialist translators – why bother?

The team of translators at MTT are specialists in their chosen fields - why is this important to you the customer?

A specialist will have in-depth knowledge, qualifications and often relevant hands on experience so will have a better understanding of what your text is about.
A specialist will point out errors or inconsistencies in your source text which a generalist may miss.
A specialist will provide accurate, fluid translations in a tone and format that a the intended audience would expect
A specialist will be familiar with the terminology and concepts, often having a specialised glossary or term list for your particular field.
A specialist will be familiar with the formats certain documents come in, for example software strings, legal papers or website files.
A specialist will enjoy the fields he or she works in, so is more enthusiastic, has better attention to detail and is more committed to producing a quality piece of work.
A specialist is more up to date in fields they work in – knowing the latest developments and the current state of the art.
A specialist has a professional approach and sticks to what they can do well – they know their limits and so do we.
A specialist usually has just two to three main working areas so it’s easier for them to keep abreast of developments in an in-depth way.

For more insights on why translators specialise, take a look at this set of interviews with translators by our friend Megan Onions at Speechmarks Translation.


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