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Technical manuals and user documentation

Technical manuals and user documentation

The Client

A world leader in the production and management of primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum and alumina combined, serving all manner of industries including aerospace, automotive, building & construction, engineering & commercial transportation, the company consisted of 63,000 employees throughout 31 countries.

The Challenge

To translate and typeset a series of highly specialised tooling manuals to accompany components and tooling into the international market.

The Solution

Ex-engineers and experienced professional linguists were selected to translate each manual, ensuring that the technical terminology was understood and the manual was produced with the end user in mind. The same translator was used for every language to ensure consistency. Training days were arranged so the translators could go into the client's factory to see and operate the machines they were translating about. We used the latest software to ensure our in-house typesetting was compatible with the system the client was using. All files were returned in multiple formats to suit the client's requirements.

End Result

An accurate translated and typeset manual, ready for publication with the client assured that the translation was to the best possible standard and would be consistent with other tooling manuals that had been translated. Peace of mind knowing the translator had operated the machine and was familiar with the terminology. Complete Customer Satisfaction.

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