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The Olympics are coming!

The Olympics are coming!

The countdown to the 2012 Olympic Games has begun and while it may still seem a long time away, the moment when the world’s attention will be focussed on the UK will be with us before we realise.

In commercial terms, what will the Olympics mean to British business?

   • When Australia staged the 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games small and medium sized (SME’s) businesses in New South Wales and Queensland secured around £550 million worth of work, and Sydney made in excess of £2 billion from tourism.
    •There will be around 7,000 direct contracts which, together with suppliers, will form supply chains of around 75,000 opportunities, mostly for SMEs.
    •The focus of the world’s attention will be on British products, British culture and looking for the best of what we can offer.

There has never been a better opportunity to make the most of this international attention and take advantage of the interest in buying British.

Not only can we expect an influx of foreign visitors, but also an increase in opportunities to market to overseas buyers.

So, how can you make the most of 2012?

Why not consider the following ideas:

  • Translate your website homepage from as little as £50 + VAT
  • Create a product with an Olympic theme and market it with multilingual instructions for a wider audience
  • Hold an Olympic event centred around your product or service
  • Approach contractors involved with the Olympics to offer support services

When you see an opportunity, don’t be put off by a potential language barrier – remember that MTT (UK) Ltd is well positioned to help quickly, no matter how large or small the challenge.

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