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The cult of the hyperpolyglot

The cult of the hyperpolyglot

I really enjoyed this article and was amazed at the skills shown by the people interviewed. My professional languages are French and German, in which I feel quite happy to chat away, and I have a passive knoweldege of a handful of others, but nowhere near the level of skill these people seem to have.

In a culture where it seems that language learning is taking more and more of a back seat these days, and students in schools seem to have lost their enthusiasm for the subject, I hope this kind of article can help to inspire someone to see the fun side of language learning and the level of skill that can be achieved.

It obviously takes a certain kind of person to reach the level shown in this article, but surely we can draw hope from the fact that the human brain can certainly cope with this kind of challenge. I'd love to learn more languages when time allows and find new words an endless source of fascination.

How many languages do you speak and why did you learn?

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