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The impact of foreign literature in translation

The impact of foreign literature in translation

Historically, much of the literature around the world has been written in the primary language of the country that it is printed in. However this trend is starting to change.

According to “13 percent of the New York Times list is made up of literature in translation". This represents a 62.5% increase on last year. At present “2 to 3 percent of English language publishing is devoted to translating books,” but this figure may rise in an increasingly globalised and multi-ethnic world.

Although the translation of foreign literature is outside of MTT’s normal area of expertise, since the company has focussed on technical rather than literary translations, we do translate academic publications and textbooks. The trend of increasing interest in foreign literature is exciting however because it mirrors the rise in technical translations that we have seen, as companies across the world look to do business with one another and be properly understood. An interest in the cultures of neighbouring countries and in what they have to offer us leads to increased trade. We see this as a rise in the demand for business cards, exhibition materials and ultimately products and services with associated documentation in new languages.

MTT has worked in the field of technical translations for over 30 years, translating technical manuals, training materials and instructions for factory equipment, as well as brochures, websites, death certificates and court papers. We’re specialists in technical, marketing and legal translation but we all enjoy a good read, especially when it’s been well translated.

If you have a project for translation why not get in touch with us on 0844 856 1086 or We would love to help!

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