BlogBosses BlogVariety is the spice of life (Part Two)

Variety is the spice of life (Part Two)

Variety is the spice of life (Part Two)

A normal day in the MTT office will see us managing projects for the translation of technical manuals, contracts, terms and conditions, brochures, information sheets, press releases and letters.

Just occasionally we get the less common jobs which brighten up our day – for example we have recently been involved in organising the the following projects:
  • Knitting patterns for a keen knitter
  • Information on masking tape
  • A website for dog massage and hydrotherapy treatment into four languages
  • Business cards into Japanese and Chinese
  • Information on how to look after valuables at an international defence show – don’t trust anyone!
  • Voicemail messages for court cases
  • Love letters when people meet abroad and then return to the UK and want to contuinue their romance
  • Hot air balloon crash reports
  • Instruction leaflets for illuminated snowmen
  • Dummy interpreters for a company wanting to train people how to give a presentation using the services of an interpreter
  • Racing pigeon timing clock instructions
It’s always nice to give our translators a challenge – what kinds of things would you need translating?
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