BlogBosses BlogWant to save time and money when placing a translation project?

Want to save time and money when placing a translation project?

Want to save time and money when placing a translation project?

We’ve come up with a handy checklist to help you make sure you have all the information we’ll need before starting your translation project. This will ensure that we can get to work straight away – we’ll be able to do a better job and work more quickly too.

  • Ensure the final text is available – amendments can cause errors, waste time and be expensive.
  • Languages required – European Spanish or Mexican Spanish, Portuguese for Portugal or Brazil, Canadian French or European French, German for Austria or Germany?
  • Document in editable format if possible – providing a Word document can make the process easier and cheaper. We can handle most formats but if you can provide an editable format, it will speed up your project.
  • Know your deadline – let us know when it’s required upfront so we can work with you to achieve the best results.
  • Who will be reading the document – let us know who the intended audience is so we can adapt the style if needed.
  • What’s it for – as above, is the document needed for a meeting, publication, internal review, general information.
  • Is it for publication - if so, we recommend proofreading, either by your suitable contacts or by a second linguist.
  • Budget constraints – let us know if you are on a tight budget as there are various ways we may be able to help.
  • Contact for queries – let us know who we can contact for any queries - ideally the person who wrote the document.
  • Background information – do you have any previous translations, style guides, term lists, glossaries etc which may help.

Download your copy of the list here, then get in touch on 0844 856 1086 to see how we can help with your next translation project.

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