BlogBosses BlogWe've moved office - but what did we find?

We've moved office - but what did we find?

We've moved office - but what did we find?

We’ve finally moved into our new offices!

It’s really nice to be in warm, new surroundings and feel organised ready for 2012. Our contact details will remain the same as we’ve just relocated within the same building, but now we’re on the first floor so there are less stairs to climb!
It has been an interesting process going through all the boxes of things that you accumulate over the years, finding photos of past events and reminders of old jobs.
I came across a “backup” of our translator database – photocopies of a card record system from donkeys years ago. Essential then but destined for the shredder now. We found lots of floppy disks for software and backups too – some of our team have never seen one before!
One of the best parts was going through my bookcase of old books, collected over 20 years of having had an interest in languages and technology – antique volumes covered in dust on steelmaking and car maintenance, phrase books from the 1950s and old maps of countries which no longer exist.
Translation is advancing every day in terms of new words, development of software and communication and ways of working. It was a fantastic reminder of how far we have come in such a short time to see old PC systems, phrase books that teach you how to buy a pair of grey woollen socks and ask a lady if she would like to dance and text books on manufacturing methods and automotive technologies from a previous era.
I’ve kept the books (I never throw a book away!) so if you’re passing and fancy a coffee and a look at our new home, why not come and browse the shelves and step back in time.
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