BlogBosses BlogWhat's it like to work at MTT - guest post from Megan

What's it like to work at MTT - guest post from Megan

What's it like to work at MTT - guest post from Megan

My name is Megan and I’m here at Midland Technical for a month-long internship to build on my skills - I recently finished a degree in Translation with French and German - and discover more about life in a translation company. I chose MTT because of its long and successful history in the field, its formidable reputation and its focus on specialised translation, as I am hoping to move into this area myself.

Since I started here two weeks ago, I feel that I have gained a real insight into how the company functions; from receiving a request for a translation, right through to the final checks and sending the finished article back to the client. This is thanks to real, hands-on experience, as I have been given the chance to contact both clients and translators directly and be responsible for a number of translation projects.
My colleagues have been welcoming and professional in equal measure, and I have picked up so much information – I am constantly taking notes! – such as subscribing to industry magazines and keeping track of when each project needs to be finished by which translator. The placement has certainly confirmed that translating is what I want to do, and I have been given what I feel is great opportunity to gain and further skills that will help me to be the kind of translator that MTT will want to work with in the future.
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