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Why can’t I use Google Translate?

Why can’t I use Google Translate?

It’s free, fast and looks good to me – what could go wrong?

When you’re looking for a quick translation of a paragraph or a few sentences, Google Translate can typically provide you with a response in the blink of an eye. It can be useful for looking up the meaning of a simple foreign word when you are on the go or in a hurry. Usually Google is fairly accurate at translating a simple, short sentence. Google offers translations of varying accuracy in 50 languages and on top of that it has inbuilt voice input translation for 15 languages. Google's free service is continually undergoing improvement, with no obligations or financial costs on your part. However, Google Translate comes with a big snag.

Google Translate has no capability whatsoever to interpret context in a piece of text in the way that a human being does. It frequently misinterprets phrases due to the subject matter either being either overly colloquial or conversely too niche or technical. In addition it won’t really relate the topic of one sentence to another or to the topic of the text overall. Google does not “think,” it simply processes words and outputs them in the chosen language to roughly fit the original meaning.

This is where the skills of a professional, human translator are irreplaceable: understanding context. A professional translator has years of experience in their chosen fields of expertise and can often speak multiple languages with a very high level of competence.

At Midland Technical Translations we only use native-tongue linguists that are proficient in their chosen field/s of expertise. We specialise in technical, marketing and legal translations and draw on the expertise of a large number of translators in a wide range of subjects. For example our technical fields cover motors, drives, automation, water treatment, nuclear or defence. For any given job the most suitable translator is selected according to their linguistic and subject knowledge.

Google Translate can be handy for looking up something very quickly, but more often than not it will make serious mistakes, which could be costly for your business or organisation, both financially and in terms of customer good-will.

If you need accurate translations for something that can't be left to chance, get in touch now on 0844 856 1086 or email


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