Sue Clark

Translations Director

Sue was recruited to MTT in 1991 by Brian De Thame (the founder of Midland Technical Translations). Coming from a background of Automation & Engineering, Sue was the ideal person to take up the challenging role of in-house senior technical translator in French and German. She has a real passion for languages and as well as being a translator she's an interpreter, technical proof reader and has also taught German & French to Business clients.

Sue's interest in automotive translation is fuelled by her passion for Big Motorbikes but since having two children Sue has given up her 98 horsepower for pedal power. She also enjoys race cars, climbing, kayaking, really anything outdoors that gets the adrenalin going.

Sue was made director in 1993 and bought the company in 2004 when MTT (UK) Ltd was born. MTT is now part of the DMA Europa Group, enabling us to offer even more services to our clients.

Sue's vision was to create the best type of translation agency, one that not only offered technically accurate translations but also offered great customer service and peace of mind to her customers. This has been achieved as MTT can boast that for the third year running they have a customer satisfaction rating of 99%. This is due to Sue's dedication and her fabulous team of translators and admin staff backing her up.

Sue's passion for languages doesn't just stop at the office door, she has lectured to students from local schools to Oxford university graduates on the importance of languages in business and how it can improve their future career prospects in the international business market.

Gavin Clark

IT Manager

Gavin was recruited to MTT in April 2006 and is his official title is 'Computer Geek'. Gavin is our nutty professor when it comes to IT and loves it.

His skills and knowledge are priceless when it comes to translating websites and getting them uploaded properly without any bugs! With the World Wide Web changing so quickly it is invaluable to have someone on the ball at all times and in our case that someone is Gavin.

With Gavin's passion for computers and programming we have a new application to try out on a regular basis; Gavin has designed programs around our needs from what's going on in the office at that time – anything from a new translator database to a file counting program.

Coming from a background in Electronic and Software Engineering, lecturing in ICT at Worcester College and website design, Gavin has a wealth of knowledge that our customers tap into on a regular basis. Gavin also takes care of our in-house computers, which is vital to the efficient running of the office.

In his spare time Gavin can be found anywhere from looking after his 2 children, sea kayaking, riding his bicycle around the countryside or having a quiet day at home with Sue and the children 'Gaming'!

Karen McKay

General Manager

Karen was recruited to MTT in June 2009 after working for an international manufacturing company; Karen has fitted well into the team and has quickly become a key point of contact for several major clients, she brings with her a diverse range of skills and knowledge in Engineering, Product Design & Drafting using 2D and 3D CAD and also B2B Marketing.

Karen is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and helps to manage our marketing activities. Always keen to expand her knowledge and learn new skills Karen is currently learning French and Arabic.

Karen's passion is recurve archery and most weekends, come rain or shine she can be found competing in tournaments all over the UK. She also loves spending time with her daughter, long walks and foreign travel.

Rossella Partridge

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Rossella was recruited to MTT as a bilingual project manager in July 2017, with previous experience ranging from being a PA for the Chief Officers to European Sales and Marketing Manager for a water-soluble plastics company. Rossella brings a wealth of experience and skills to MTT.

With a degree in both Italian and French along with a passion for languages it was not long before MTT started utilising Rossella’s skills as a Business Development Manager to help promote the already successful sales team here at MTT.

A love of travel has taken Rossella to many exotic locations around the world, such as Thailand, USA Mexico, the Middle East and many other places. Foreign travel has given Rossella a good understanding of other cultures, which is always an invaluable skill to have when working with translations.

In her spare time, Rossella loves cooking and entertaining her family and friends, travelling and going for long country walks.

Our Team of Translators and Interpreters


Our team of translators and interpreters is our main asset, with their wealth of experience, skills and often unique sense of humour.

Having known many of them since the company was originally founded, we have developed an unrivalled relationship and feel we know their strengths and uniqueness in detail.

This pool of trusted professionals is possibly the biggest in the West Midlands – other companies may have more people on their database, but we feel we have developed a better understanding with our key suppliers than most.

We are always happy for you to speak directly to our translators if you would like to make sure they are suitable for your assignment – we believe by doing so we can create the best relationship and therefore the best end product for our clients.

Our Typesetters


In addition to our in-house typesetting skills, we often work with others who bring a little extra sparkle to our team. With a keen eye for design and sensitivity to layout, these professionals make sure your typeset documents look their best.

We're able to handle most formats such as Quark, Illustrator or InDesign and will work with small and large scale printing companies too to give you the best end product possible.

Our Export Resources Group


Are you thinking of looking at exporting but don't know quite how to go about it?

Do you need to have a better cultural awareness of a particular country or someone to help take you through the initial steps?

Our Export Resources Group will surely have the answer, with advice from trusted, experienced professionals in the freight, international trade, international PR, travel and finance sectors.

Give us a call to find out what we can offer.