Large Translation Projects and How We Handle Them

Do you have a project that involves many complex documents or a large number of languages, or indeed both, if so then we are more than happy to help. Our experienced and qualified translators manage an impressive database of linguistic projects every day, tapping into their specialised and cultured knowledge.

Managing Complex Translation Projects

The team at MTT are experts in organising numerous translation projects and multiple document formats. No matter how multifaceted your translation requirements may be, we have dedicated project managers on board and highly experienced translation experts to take care of the entire process, with superb attention to detail. There are a variety of steps involved in handling a large project, that's why we work with you to decide which are appropriate to produce the level of translation that’s right for you. It could be you need a translated, edited and proofread final version, with high levels of accuracy for a safety critical construction project for example. Or, maybe you need a standard, professional translation for internal use, required urgently for a large volume of words.

Large Translation Projects to Match Your Expectations

First of all we will assess the scope of the project for you; any hardcopy documents will be scanned and converted to editable format if possible. All electronic files will be assessed, to see how many words are involved and if there is any level of repetition. By using CAT tool technology, we can make the most of repetitions, keeping your costs down and improving continuity throughout the project.

Dedicated Quality Control for Large Translation Tasks

We’ll assign a particular project manager to be your point of contact for queries and progress reports – they will select the translator team and the lead translator from our resources and ensure that only mother-tongue professional translators are used, who are familiar with your subject material.

After agreeing the project brief, which will help us understand what your translation is for and what your requirements are including deadlines, file format, languages needed and intended audience, we will create a project specific glossary and agree the main terms involved with you. This will be created by your lead translator, whose role is to oversee any queries and establish uniform terminology to be used by the translator team. Any initial queries will be resolved at this point so that a consistent project brief can be given to the translation team.

Your project manager will assign suitable translation segments to each member of the translation team, according to their skill set and ensure that they are delivered back on time with any queries or amends handled effectively.

Once completed and proofread by the initial translator, there are two choices available to you:

1. The translated materials can either be passed on for a second proofreading to another translator with similar experience to the first linguist

2. Or, they can be returned back to the project management team.

The translation project manager will then arrange checking of formatting, layout, numbers etc. before returning the completed documents to you, with a copy of the TM if required.

If you are thinking of translating a large or complex project, why not talk to one of our project managers today and see how we could help: 0844 856 1086 or email: