Extensive Range of Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation Services are a potential minefield for translation. As a legal translation agency we pay particular attention to the selection of our translators for legal work and encourage close collaboration between the translator and the client to ensure the best possible translation solution in every case.

Our specialised team of legal translators provide a reliable and trustworthy service, fully-equipped with a wealth of experience and professional qualifications to match.

How our quality Legal Translation Services can help you

Over the years, we have undertaken a wide variety of legal translation assignments; from wills, death certificates, contracts, insurance reports, court bundles and letters to finance claims, litigation documentation and missing persons reports.

Legal Translation Services can feature in many situations, from a technical report for an inquest to looking through a persons collection of letters, to find out vital information for an estate. We prepare police reports, marriage certificates, handle buy-out documentation and work in the patent field, we chase money owed overseas and handle disputes in foreign courts.

Legal translation work also includes the provision of NRPSI qualified interpreters for solicitors appointments or court appearances – a service which is provided in any chosen language.

All documents can be certified on our letterhead, free of charge, or we can arrange for notarisation at a nominal cost.

Legal – Litigation, Probate, Criminal, Property

Insurance – Medical assessments, Contracts, Claims and litigation

Free certification is offered on all legal projects (contact us for details). Please contact a member of our team to discuss your legal translation enquiries, in particular if you are getting married abroad as specialist advice is often needed. You can call us on: 0844 856 1086, or email us at: enquiries@midlandtechnical.co.uk.