Midland Technical Translations – FAQ

How long will it take to get a document translated?

  • A translator can normally produce about 2000 words of finished text a day.
  • There are several ways of working more quickly in a rush scenario but quality may suffer, so always give as much time as you can.


When we quote for a translation project we offer an estimated delivery of so many days or weeks, which is confirmed once we receive the go-ahead and can determine our translation team’s current workload.

When a project is placed for translation we will send you a Confirmation Sheet which details our final deadline, agreed cost, language needed and translator's name. Check this carefully to make sure we have understood your requirements correctly.

You will receive your translated document in the agreed format by the deadline given on your Confirmation Sheet, assuming you have answered any queries promptly.

We will return your translated document by email or by post if needed. A certificate of translation on our letterhead is offered for legal documents for translation – please ask the team if you need details of this service.

Get in touch on 0844 856 1086 to find out how long the professional translation of your document might take.