Midland Technical Translations – FAQ

What file formats do you handle when translating documents?

  • We prefer an editable file format eg MS Office files
  • We are however able to handle most formats, from a handwritten note to a video file or a typeset technical manual.
  • For non-editable formats some formatting may be lost depending on the original file type.
  • A small admin charge may be added for processing non-editable files for translation.

It’s more convenient and quicker for us to process your text for translation if it arrives in an editable MS Office file (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), but we do have ways of working with other formats.

For example, if all you have is a pdf of a technical brochure, we may be able to use a conversion programme, or if that does not produce a result we can work with, we might be able to extract the text and paste it into Word before translation.

We generally return this type of document as a two column bi-lingual Word document, so you can see what part of the pdf equates to what section of the translation. This is useful if someone in your company is going to take the translation and use it in a web page or typeset document.

In other cases, the content of a non-editable pdf may need to be recreated from scratch. An admin charge may be made for formatting non-editable documents prior to translation.

We are also able to handle most InDesign or Quark format files and also html or web pages, generally returning files in the original format back to you.

If you are looking to have a document translated and have a question about file formats, get in touch with us on 0844 856 1086 or email enquiries@midlandtechnical.co.uk now. We’ll be delighted to help.