Midland Technical Translations – FAQ

Who does the translation of my document?

  • A professional, qualified native speaker with experience in the relevant field.
  • No computer translations, no students.


People often think that we do all our translation work in-house. While it’s true that a certain percentage of work is done by our in-house team, we can’t possibly be so skilled that we can competently cover all languages and the many subject areas we handle.

Your project management team are your initial point of contact and they will help guide you through the process – ask them any questions you have and feel free to pick their brains if you have any concerns.

Once you have approved your translation quote, we’ll select one of our linguist team to carry out the actual translation of your document and we’ll also confirm your delivery. We’ll work with a handpicked linguist, often with many years’ experience of translating and working in specialist fields. He or she will always be a mother-tongue speaker and will have been independently assessed by MTT. Our project team know the strengths of our professional translators and also their availability – we’ll select the best person for the job taking into account a wide range of factors such as format, deadline and specialist subject area.

If you’d like to talk to your translator this can usually be arranged – it’s often helpful for translators to have a direct understanding of what the client wants and the opportunity to ask questions.

We can also arrange machine translation if specifically requested (for example for high volumes of text where a much lower degree of accuracy is acceptable), but prefer to use professional human translation for the vast majority of our projects.

Contact us now to find out more about professional translation services from MTT.