Professional Greek Translations from MTT

At MTT our Greek translators are respected for their high quality and quick turnaround. MTT specialise in both Greek to English and English to Greek translation.  Projects include technical specifications, maintenance manuals, Health & Safety manuals, exam papers, housing leaflets, certificates and court letters. We carefully match our professional Greek translators to your requirements for each individual project.

Did you know?

Spoken by around 13 million people worldwide, the Greek language is native to the countries of Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Turkey, Albania, Egypt, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, France, Ukraine and Russia. It is the official language of Greece and Cyprus and one of the 23 official languages of the European Union.

Greece is strategically located between Asia, Africa and Europe. The country is considered the birthplace of democracy and of western philosophy with an advanced economy. It is also a member of numerous international institutions including the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Greek has been written in the Greek alphabet since the 9th century BC. The modern Greek alphabet consists of 24 letters, each with a capital and lowercase form. Thousands of English words come from Greek such as Academy, Apology, Marathon, Alphabet and Typhoon.

Approximately 16.5 million tourists visit Greece each year – that’s more than the country’s entire population.

About 7% of all the marble produced in the world comes from Greece and it is the world’s third leading producer of olives.

Greek ships make up 70% of the European Union’s total merchant fleet.

Time is money

If your company is like most companies, your Greek translation projects often have tight deadlines and you simply don’t have the resources to meet or complete them. Contact Midland Technical Translations - we understand that time is money and will do our best to provide a quotation within a couple of hours and a professional translation to meet your reasonable deadline. In today’s economy, businesses must act quickly to respond to fast changing market demands. Our team of Greek linguists can help ensure a cost effective quick turnaround to help you meet your goals!

It’s all Greek to me – how do I know your Greek translations are accurate?

If you don’t speak the language, how do you know a Greek translation is accurate?

You might decide to have your document proofread by an independent speaker, whether that is someone in your own network with a good knowledge of both Greek and English, or we can arrange for a document to be proofread by an independent third-party translator, who would be professionally qualified to the same level as the original linguist.

This would be a highly advisable step if your document was for publication, just as you would get something you had written in your native tongue checked by a second pair of eyes before publishing it.

Alternatively, we would be happy to give you some background on our translator’s qualifications and experience or offer a test translation that you might be able to have checked.

Ultimately, translations are provided on a professional basis on trust, and our long-standing customers trust us to choose the right person for the job. Our Testimonials provide a good sense of how we work with our clients and you are more than welcome to speak to customers who have used this service.

Why use MTT for your Greek translations?

Many companies of all sizes depend on us to translate their important Greek documents and materials. They continue to partner with us because of our reliability, professional standards and accuracy. We take any written material, whether legal, scientific or technical and translate it into or from over 40 languages, including Greek.

With mother-tongue speakers, based both here in the UK and in Greece, we will be sure to find the right linguist for your project. Our ISO 9001 certified admin team will handle your project efficiently and to deadline meaning you have one less thing to worry about.

Simply email your documents to and one of our project management team will take care of it for you. Alternatively give us a quick call on 0844 856 1086 and we’d be happy to offer advice.