Our Professional Health & Safety Translation Services

Translations of health and safety documents can be critical for a company’s employer liability and insurance and need to be handled by experienced linguists who understand the issues involved.

Companies have a duty of care to carry out a risk assessment to determine potential risks to employees, the environment and any third parties when they are carrying out potentially hazardous operations. The storage of hazardous substances for example requires special procedures, equipment and training. A fire risk assessment is needed whenever flammable materials are stored. Personal protective equipment (PPE) needs to be used correctly to ensure the safety of employees handling a leaked fluid.

Technical manuals for equipment and specialist products, training courses and H&S examination papers may all need to be translated into different languages. This can prove problematic if a professional technical translation service is not used.

Health and safety training courses could potentially require the translation of handbooks and presentation slides, written examination papers or even the services of a trained interpreter to ensure the course runs smoothly. Having an on-site interpreter available when looking at a particular issue affecting health and safety can ensure that a customer and supplier can discuss a vital issue clearly and come to a quick decision to prevent a problem escalating.

Occupational health is a growing sector and MTT are pleased to supply translations in a variety of languages to current customers in this field, including French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

An accident is always costly, but ensuring translations are done by a competent supplier with many years’ experience in technical translation can help ensure that you are doing all you can to prevent hazards and remain compliant with the law.

MTT have over 35 years’ experience in technical translation, from a manual for a hazmat store to an exam paper for an internationally recognised qualification, from a training course on working at heights, to manual handling instructions for goods-in departments. Our linguists are mother-tongue professionals with qualifications and experience in the field, who understand the importance of ensuring your translations are accurate.

If you have materials that need to be translated, into any language, or would just like a free quotation for a particular technical document, get in touch now on enquiries@midlandtechnical.co.uk or call us now on 0844 856 1086 and we’ll see how we can help.