Founded in 1983 by Brian de Thame, Midland Technical Translations was initially a small company, run alongside a business selling capital equipment.

After leaving Bronx Engineering, Brian set up his equipment business marketing large pieces of plant across the world and also began to offer the services of a friend who was a translator as a sideline. Brian had a good command of French and loved the country greatly, spending large amounts of time there and enthusing about its cuisine at great length. A translation business seemed a natural extension of one of his passions.

Over the next few years, the translation business grew to a size where it was much larger than the equipment business and MTT came into its own. The equipment business was closed down and Brian and his team focussed on growing the language company.

The current MD and owner Sue Clark joined the company in 1991, initially as an in-house translator, having worked freelance for MTT for a few years previously. She brought the company’s first ever computer with her, a fact that was viewed with great suspicion by Brian. Sue was made a Director of the company in 1993 and contributed to its growth and modernisation from that point on.

It was the sudden death of Mr de Thame after a short illness that led to Sue taking over the company in 2004 and building it up to the award winning company we see today.

In 2012, we become part of the Marketing + Technologies Group.

We still have strong links with many of the original translators and clients from those days. A 25 year celebration event in 2008 brought together many of the original colleagues and we enjoyed a 40 year celebration in 2023.