Legal Document Translation

MTT offer a range of legal translation services, including legal document translation. This service is offered in all languages and can be certified if needed.

What kinds of legal documents do you translate?

Legal documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates, wills or contracts need translating if someone has had dealings overseas or has lived abroad or got married outside the UK. Companies with overseas partners or subsidiaries can also find they have a need for legal document translation services.

UK based companies often employ foreign nationals and need to translate legal documents such as certificates, statements of good standing or other HR documentation as part of their recruitment and HR process or to satisfy governmental requirements.

We handle a very wide range of legal documentation, including certificates (birth, marriage, death, divorce, education), court papers, contracts, HR reports, disputes, terms and conditions, shareholder documentation, tax paperwork, insurance reports and immigration papers.

Why should I get my legal document translated professionally?

Having a legal document translated professionally gives certainty to the translation, enabling it to be used for official purposes such as changing your name at the Passport Office, submitting evidence for a court case or ensuring that a contract is translated by an unbiased third party.

Legal documents require translation by professional linguists with experience or qualifications in legal translation work and an awareness of how the court systems work in both the UK and the countries of their other languages.

What qualifications do your legal translators have?

Many of our specialist legal translators are qualified solicitors or have legal training specifically for translation purposes. Many are also sworn translators. Our team of skilled linguists has many years of experience in creating legal translations for court use or governmental use, they know the right questions to ask and the right format to provide documentation in, meaning our service is efficient, accurate and reliable.

What if I need my legal translation to be certified?

MTT offer a variety of certification options for the translation of legal documents.

We offer a free certification on our letterhead, a notarised/sworn translation or a legalised translation (apostille).

Here's some more infformation about certified legal document translation.

What will the translation cost?

Our costs are based on our standard rates per thousand words, plus a small admin charge if you do not have an editable document which will convert easily. There is no charge for our standard certification, however fees may apply at cost for other forms of certification and to cover Special Delivery of hardcopies.

Why should I use MTT for the legal translation of my documents?

MTT is a specialist company working in the technical, marketing and legal fields for the last 30 years. Quality is ensured by our good relations with our specially selected linguists, and our efficient processes are underpinned by certification to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. We also follow the Code of Conduct of the ITI and handle all translation projects as confidential. Our Testimonials demonstrate the kind of clients who trust our services, from major international companies to local solicitor firms across Worcestershire and the Midlands. We also work for major legal firms in London and abroad.

How do I get a legal document translated?

To discuss your legal document translation project, or for further information, please contact our friendly team on 0844 856 1086 or email us at

If you need certified legal translation, please let us know what kind is required and what purpose the document will be used for.  We are always happy to offer advice free of charge!