Professional Medical Interpreting Services from MTT

MTT provide medical interpreting services for a range of meetings and appointments. Typical assignments include helping the victims of accidents in a medical assessment for compensation claims, assisting at doctor’s appointments or attending visits to consultants.

Medical interpreters can also be of value when meetings are held to look at reports following an incident, illness or accident or even a death.

What qualifications do your medical interpreters hold?

As with all our linguists, we select our professional interpreters very carefully and ensure they are appropriately qualified. Typically they will hold an NRPSI qualification and have experience in working in a medical setting.

We expect a good interpreter for medical services to have both qualifications and the right medical knowledge for the appointment. In addition, they need to be sensitive to issues such as confidentiality, personal privacy and remaining professional in potentially awkward settings.

Where possible we offer both male and female interpreters so that religious or other sensitivities can be taken into account. All patient information is of course handled with confidentiality, no notes are retained and no reports submitted.

What languages do you offer medical interpreting services in?

As with our translation services, we offer medical interpreters for all languages. We are also able to source qualified interpreters outside of the UK if you have an accident or appointment overseas.

Be it Arabic medical interpreting or Chinese medical interpreting, language is no issue – we are able to supply a Spanish, Romanian, Farsi, Dutch or Punjabi speaker, for example, to any location in the UK.

Does the medical interpreter need to attend the appointment? How about Skype?

To get the best value from your medical interpreter, it’s always best if they attend in person. Then they can see the injury in question or get a better understanding of the doctor’s instructions, for example. Interpreting over the phone or Skype is possible, however it never works as well as having the interpreter present in the room. A poor phone line could sometimes mean that important information is misheard or that things need to be explained again and again, lengthening the time the appointment takes and potentially meaning that the patient does not get a proper examination.

How do I book a medical interpreter?

As with all interpreting assignments, the longer you can give us to find a suitably qualified linguist, the better. Ideally a couple of weeks’ notice is best, or as soon as you know that an appointment has been made where the services of a bilingual medical interpreter will be needed.

Of course, we understand that emergencies do happen and we are always ready to help find someone at short notice, though they may have to travel some distance and charge accordingly.

The use of our medical interpreter services may be included under holiday insurance if you have an accident or emergency abroad -  check with your provider as they sometimes have their own arrangements in place.

To book a medical interpreter, get in touch with us by phone or email on to let us know what languages you require, when the appointment is and when. It’s also helpful to know how long you expect the appointment to last. If we can also have details on what the appointment is for and any other background information, our qualified medical interpreter will be able to prepare better for the assignment.