Dedicated Medical Translation Services

Medical translations are highly specialised and require a great deal of accuracy, expertise and linguistic capabilities. If your company is involved in the healthcare or medical sectors, you can rely on our medical translation services to deliver the highest quality results for your project.

The importance of precision in medical translations

In order to provide valuable, trustworthy medical translation services, a translation agency or translator must have extremely specialist knowledge, in addition to language proficiency. Our expert team of medical translators undergo specialist training and continue to keep their skill set up-to-date with regular CPD courses, to ensure that we can handle any medical translation requirement. Since the terminology and scope in this particular field is so broad, our team of translators maintain the utmost knowledge, experience and capabilities that are required for medical professionals and patients in needs of language services.

Professional Translation services for Medical Documents

We translate medical documents in every language, including all major European, Asian, Scandinavian and Middle-Eastern languages. We provide a quality translation solution for:

  • Instruction manuals – the use of medical equipment / products
  • Training courses – for medical products
  • MSDS – containing medical information
  • TDS – containing medical information
  • ­Medical assessment interpreting
  • Hospital records – if someone has a skiing accident abroad, for example, then returns to the UK, the UK hospital would need the records to continue with treatment
  • Hospital records for legal cases – for example, cases looking into an estate, death certificates etc.
  • Medical reports – following an injury to claim compensation
  • ­Electronic documentation and handwritten doctor / hospital notes.

A Reliable Medical Translation Agency

Medical documents require accurate, thorough translation and must also be proofread to ensure information is conveyed clearly and without error. Our specialist medical translators are hand selected for their experience, aptitude, qualifications and all-round skill set. We have a wealth of experience in translating, interpreting and proofreading documents for the medical industry, promising to deliver translations on time, within budget and in full compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

All work is treated as confidential; we usually sign an NDA for work with medical companies.

For further information on translating documents for medical use, or to discuss your translation or interpretation project with a member of our team, please contact us today on: 0844 856 1086, or email us here.