Medical Translation Services from MTT

Our health is one of the most important things we have, so it’s vital that when we come to translate medical documents, or offer medical interpreting services, we ensure that our services are accurate and professional.

AT MTT we offer medical translation services for a number of companies, both in the UK and abroad. Our clients include medical device manufacturers, insurance companies, chemical companies and others with an interest in health and the environment.

What kinds of medical translation do you offer?

As a medical translation agency we translate a wide range of medical documents. These may include datasheets, packaging and instructions for medical devices, medical notes following an accident abroad, insurance claims involving medical information, technical datasheets for chemicals which are harmful to human health or medical assessments for employment or litigation.

These services are offered in all languages and we can also certify the translations if required. Here's some more information on certified translation services.

Who might need a medical translation company?

Recent requirements to translate medical documents have included:

  • A hospital report on a patient’s condition who was taken ill while abroad. The notes were passed to the UK based doctor, so treatment could be continued on his return home.
  • User manual and packaging for a medical device to ensure it was used correctly by the patient and was also correctly marketed.
  • Datasheets for hazardous chemicals used in the agricultural industry containing medical information on action to take if the chemicals were swallowed or breathed in.
  • Medical malpractice report for a court case where litigation was in process following an injury during surgery.

Medical translation companies often handle documents which require a mix of skills, for example technical-medical reports where an injury has been caused by a piece of technical equipment malfunctioning.

MTT works with a number of specialist translators who are ideally suited to this particular kind of challenge.

Is your medical translation service confidential?

All projects are handled as confidential as a matter of course; however we are always willing to sign an NDA if appropriate. We select our translators based on their professionalism, skillset and capabilities and they are all expected to retain confidentiality.

Personal medical information is particularly sensitive, and is handled with the utmost care – documents can be deleted from our files once completed if required and all records are securely shredded.

Why should I choose MTT for my medical translation needs?

With over 30 years of translation experience and access to some of the best medical translation professionals in the business, we have a long track record of providing excellent service to our medical translation clients. With competitive pricing and excellent turnaround, your medical document can be professionally translated and if necessary certified to meet your reasonable requirements. Membership of the ITI and ISO 9001:2015 certification ensure that our processes run smoothly and are what you would expect from a professional medical translation company.

How do I get my medical document translated?

First, we would ideally need to see a copy of your document – email it over to or speak to one of our project managers on 0844 856 1086 to discuss a confidentiality agreement. A non-binding quotation will be prepared for your document, which, once accepted, is confirmed by our team along with a deadline to produce your translations.

If you would like to discuss a particular project or would like more information on who would actually translate your document just give us a call.