Press Release Translations from MTT

The translation of press releases is something we’re very experienced in, and proud of, at MTT. Writing and translating press releases can be a challenge, because it involves finding the correct tone for the specific target audience, as well as the right mix of marketing and technical skills. The text needs to sell the product or service, but also show the company’s professionalism and subject-specific knowledge. In translation especially, there is also the need for specific vocabulary to work in the target language just as well as it does in the source.

This is why we work with translators that specialise in a wide variety of industries, including press release translation. We have a wealth of different translators in our MTT database, and we are happy to provide a choice of suitable translators for your niche product or unique project's press release.

Our whole team, including project managers, translators, proofreaders and typesetters work seamlessly together to provide a professional translation service from end to end. You can trust us because we have 40 years of experience in managing translations, and our linguists are all mother-tongue professionals with qualifications and experience in their chosen specialist field. They understand the importance of ensuring that every translation is both accurate and stylistically appropriate.

You may also know that as part of the Marketing + Technologies Group, we have access to in-house PR and marketing teams, if you feel your press releases could do with a polish in the original English.

If you have marketing materials, press releases or articles that need to be translated into any language, or would just like a free quotation for a particular PR-related document, get in touch now on or call us now on 01562 748778 and let's see how we can help .