Privacy Policy

MTT (UK) Ltd will not obtain data enabling you to be personally identified unless you give us this information by contacting us for inclusion on our database of translators or customers. This information is confidential and kept by MTT (UK) Ltd.

No commercial use will be made of the information without prior written authorisation from MTT (UK) Ltd.

The data you provide about yourself is essential for answering your requests for information, for translations, interpreting or other services we offer or to enable us to consider you as a potential supplier.

This information is exclusively for the use of MTT (UK) Ltd and certain of our commercial partners, for the purpose of surveys, analysis, sales and marketing campaigns and the provision of the services we offer.

We will contact you on an occasional basis to inform you of news and special offers and to give you the opportunity to provide feedback on our services. If you do not wish to be contacted, please email us using the contact form .

You have a right to access and can rectify data about yourself. Please contact us for more details.