If you’re not sure what a professional proofreading service is, or why you might need a translated document proofreading, here’s a handy guide.

Proofreading is a valuable addition to any translation service and simply means that a second, independent person checks over a document to see that it reads well. If you don’t have anyone suitably qualified (a native speaker with subject experience) in your own organisation, we can offer proofreading of your document translation by one of our qualified professional linguists.

The proofreading process looks for any errors in spelling, punctuation, obvious mistranslations, inconsistencies of style and other errors. Getting a second pair of eyes to look over a text can often spot problems which the original author did not notice.

When might this service be useful?

  • If you have had a document translated by someone else, we would be happy to check it over for you and suggest any amendments needed.
  • If we have translated a document for you and it is intended for publication, we highly recommend that it is proofread by a second person.
  • If you have an original English document for publication we can also check that over for you, quickly and economically.
  • If you have a glossary or style guide that needs to be observed a proofreader can help.
  • If your text really needs to flow well, to convince a reader to make a purchase, for example, a proofreading service would be highly recommended.

How do I get a document proofread?

If we are quoting for a document translation project – just let us know when you ask for a translation quote if you would like the translation proofread and we will include a cost.

If you have something else to proofread – drop us an email to and we’ll take it from there.