Proofreading original English documents

When you’re writing something for publication, you’ll want it to appear professional and make the right impact with your audience. Your reputation and that of your company could be at stake.

It’s often wise therefore to have a second pair of eyes take a look to ensure your text reads well, clearly conveys the message you are looking to put across and is not hampered by typos and grammatical errors. How often do we make the effort to do this though?

When we prepare a text for translation, it’s not uncommon for us to have to query the author’s intent or tidy up small errors which could potentially cause confusion for our linguists. Having a spellchecker is not enough to make sure that your document is spelled correctly and has no other grammatical errors!

If you have an important document that needs to be right, MTT’s team can proofread for style, grammar, consistency and spelling. We can also help format documents in MS Office programs, creating documents that read well and look good.

Why might I need English document proofreading services?

Imagine you’re writing copy for your company’s new brochure – this document will represent your company in many situations and introduce a variety of readers to your products and services. Graphic artists can help with the layout and design of your document, and you’ll certainly be the best placed to decide the content and technical details, but if you’re not an experienced writer it’s sometimes easy for occasional errors to creep in. Spotting mistakes in your own work is notoriously tricky and a fresh pair of eyes can often help.

A marketing department will produce many pieces of text for publication a week – press releases, brochures, flyers, web content, news, blogs, articles and more. Getting an outside perspective on how a reader may view this content and having a skilled English mother-tongue reader examine it in detail can be highly beneficial in helping avoid errors and tackling inconsistencies.

You may wish to consider having your documents proofread before translation to ensure that the message is clear and accurate before investing in foreign language versions. This can often save time and money, avoiding costly misunderstandings or delays when queries are raised.

If you’re writing in English and it’s not your mother tongue it is difficult to create a natural sounding text which flows. With our knowledge of how other languages work, we are well placed to help improve your text for an English audience, creating a document that sounds more natural and reads well. Connecting with your audience as a native speaker would could help make the right impression you are looking for.

Why trust MTT with English document proofreading?

At MTT we love words, and proofreading forms a regular part of our daily work, both in English and other languages. We regularly proofread press releases and articles to ensure grammatical correctness before publication and also help writers who don’t speak English well to improve their work.

With over 30 years’ experience working with words, we have come across many styles of writing and different types of text (even a novel or two!). Our customers have come to rely on us as the vital last check before publication to make sure that their documents are free of grammatical errors.

How do I arrange to have my English document proofread?

If you have a document you would like us to look at, just send it over on in the first instance. We’d ideally need to know when you need it back by, who to contact with any queries and who the intended audience would be. We can then prepare a quotation and look at the way you would like any changes presented back to you.

Our costs are calculated on a likely time basis, taking into account the length of text, formatting, quality of writing and technicality.