Professional Proofreading Services in Every Language

Proofreading is the detailed second checking of a document by a specialist, to carefully find and correct any errors in grammar, style and spelling.

Anyone who has ever written a formal document will know that errors are likely to be found by a fresh pair of eyes, even when you are convinced that all content is adequate. Midland Technical Translations provide a dedicated Proofreading Service, which checks the accuracy of your texts when translated, to ensure every character, word and full stop is grammatically and stylistically correct.

Our Proofreading Experts

Proofreading Services are available for every document translated by our professional team of qualified linguists, or as a stand-alone service. It is vital for documents to be proofread if they are to be published or customer facing, for example the final text within Press Releases, Websites and Instructions must free of errors and highly suitable for purpose. Our dedicated proofreading specialists are independent linguists, who are familiar with the intricacies of your translation target languages. We amend common mistakes and oversights with careful attention to detail; ensuring the most appropriate terminology and context available, whilst keeping with the original copy style.

For internal documents, we offer a standard service, where the original translator will check his or her own work and our project management team will perform a second non-linguistic check. At Midland Technical Translations, our in-house language skills offer a better level of second checking than otherwise possible by English-only speaking teams.

Proofreading a document will:

  • Produce an error-free, grammatically accurate translation
  • Ensure a high level of control
  • Communicate the true message in your communication
  • Provide full confidence in the value of your final output

For further information on our expert Proofreading Services, or to discuss your independent language requirements, please call us today on: 0844 856 1086 or email us at: