Quality is right at the heart of what we do here at MTT and critical for any translation project. We provide a variety of high quality translation and interpreting services. It's important to us all that every text we handle is translated to the best of our ability. Midland Technical Translations are a professional translation company that you can rely on.

• We like to build a customer relationship so that we can produce the best possible translation for the intended reader.

• By carefully selecting the right person to translate your assignment, we make sure that a professional linguist works on your text, not someone with little experience. Our professional translation services set a high standard in the field of translation.

• We'll always make sure that a mother-tongue translator is used, not someone who isn't aware of the nuances of the target language.

• By working with you to handle any queries, we ensure that the intended message is not misunderstood and that specific terminology is maintained.

• We'll try to use your preferred translators and let you talk to them if you like, so we can consistently produce accurate work to meet your reasonable deadline.

• Our ISO certification underpins all our processes, ensuring that they function efficiently, are regularly reviewed and are continuously improved.

Quality Assurance

EN ISO 9001:2015 - since 1996.
• Institute of Translation and Interpreting Corporate members  - since 1991
• 40 years experience in helping businesses succeed internationally
• "Excellent" Customer satisfaction recorded over the past 5 years
• Mother-tongue linguists only
• Black Country Chamber Professional Services Firm of the Year 2011
• Midlands Service Provider of the Year 2009

Our In-House Departments are here to support all your needs -

• Multi-lingual Administration and Customer Support Team
• IT & Website Team
• Typesetting Team
• Linguist Team
• International Marketing Team

They will be happy to answer any of your questions