Sustainability at MTT

Environmental sustainability is an important topic here at MTT – we try and ensure that our business runs as sustainably as possible, and we make the smallest impact on our planet that we can.

Our new offices:

  • Located close to public transportation hubs .
  • Lockers and showers provided to encourage walking/cycling .
  • Run mainly on solar power – the solar arrays are expected to generate around 50 Kw at maximum capacity during daylight hours , which is enough to take care of a large part of the building’s routine electrical energy requirements.
  • Home working 2 days a week for all team members.

Reduced consumption:

  • All lighting is LED, with presence detectors in all main office areas, meeting rooms, stairwells, cafeteria and corridors.
  • Optimised use of gas heating and air conditioning, especially during seasonal extremes, with a new Building Management System (BMS).
  • Outside-air-cooling vent system for the server room rather than air con.
  • Paperless systems apart from hardcopy certified documents.

Supporting circularity

  • Recycling bins with clear labelling and signage to help us correctly dispose of waste.
  • Boxes to recycle pens, one of the most used items in our operations.
  • We donate or recycle any IT equipment that we no longer use.
  • We use reusable dishware and cutlery as well as water dispensers, to reduce waste from single-use materials.
  • Where possible we give a second life to kitchen items in good conditions that we no longer use, donating to charities in need.
  • Book swap scheme to encourage sharing of pre-loved books

Fostering sustainability outside the office

  • We are taking active steps to encourage employees working from home to improve their sustainability.
  • We also look closely at the environmental impact of our suppliers.
  • All external servers that host our websites, apps etc are UK-based and guaranteed carbon neutral.