Our Professional Technical Manual Translation Services

If you’re looking to translate a technical manual you’ll want a quick quote for a comprehensive, professional translation service.

You may have a technical manual you need to translate to English, or perhaps you have an English manual and drawings that need to accompany a piece of machinery abroad, to be translated into German, Italian or Dutch for example.

Whatever your requirements, MTT have spent over 30 years helping companies across the world with technical, scientific and engineering translation services.

Read our FAQ to learn more about the process of getting a technical manual translated into/from French, German, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese.


Key points to consider when translating a technical manual

Technical understanding – who does the translation:

Our native-speaker linguists are selected based on their language pair, their experience and qualifications relevant to the specific technical document for translation. They will only translate into their mother tongue and we ensure that we only use professionally qualified linguists who meet the standards required by our internal approvals process.


Good technical translators need to take into account the purpose of the document: who will read it, what level of education do they have, what will your manual, information leaflet or instructions be used for. A clear understanding of the reason behind the request for translation of your documents will help our linguists provide the best possible translation.

Associated software:

If there is a piece of software associated with the equipment, it may make sense to translate the software too, then screenshots can be localised and any command instructions in the manual can be translated consistently with what will appear on the display. Talk to us about the best way to achieve this solution if you have software strings to consider.

Document formats:

We are able to handle most document formats, including MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel and InDesign. We can also handle xml files and html. We’ll usually convert a pdf manual so we can edit it and we also have strategies to handle diagrams, drawings, software strings and flowcharts.  

Document layout and localisation:

Bear in mind that the layout of a manual or technical instruction leaflet may need to be adjusted to take into account the additional length of the translated text, which in some cases can be as much as 20% longer.

If you have a technical manual, datasheet or instruction leaflet for translation, get in touch now on enquiries@midlandtechnical.co.uk and we’d be pleased to offer our advice on how to get the ball rolling. If you’d like a chat to discuss any aspect of our technical manual translation services, call us now on 0844 856 1086 and we’ll see how we can help.