Our Professional Technical Translation Services

Technical translation has been at the heart of Midland Technical Translations (MTT) since its creation.

Over half of the work we complete is technical in nature, from technical manuals, product guides, materials testing reports to process plans and tenders. We have a long history of working with both local and international companies to provide specialist Technical Translation Services, by linguists who really know what they are talking about.

Our experts are ex-engineers, specialists in technical language translation and many have hands on experience of working with the equipment or processes in question. For major projects, we are happy to arrange visits by translators to view equipment, see it in operation and ask questions first hand before embarking on a translation project. This has the added benefit of allowing our customers to meet the people involved and get to know who will be completing their work.

Technical Translation Services require knowledge of the style required – a clarity of expression to ensure instructions are not misinterpreted and a specialist knowledge of specific vocabulary. We work together with our customers to ensure the end product is suitable for the final reader, uses terminology they will be familiar with and is clear and easy to understand.

Our Managing Director, Sue Clark, has been a technical translator in the automotive engineering field for over 25 years and still enjoys translating when time allows. She is well-placed to understand the particular requirements of a technical project and is happy to talk to prospective clients about any concerns they may have in this area.

Examples of recent technical translation areas:

Automotive & Transport – Maritime, Aerospace, Assessors reports, Technical Manuals, Drawings, Materials, Tenders

Engineering – Mechanical, Electrical, Plastics, Tooling, Robotics, Drives, Controls, Automation, Processes

Environment – Oil and Gas, Water, Health & Safety

I.T. – Websites, Telecommunications, Internet, Software

Medical – Veterinary, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Medicine

Science – Physics, Chemistry, Patents, MSDS