Professional Telephone Interpreting Services from MTT

Sometimes when you need a quick conversation or an urgent answer from someone abroad, there’s no time to book an in-person interpreter to attend. In these cases, telephone interpreting can be an appropriate solution.

While having an interpreter present in person for a meeting, court case or factory tour is always going to be the best option by far, having someone on the telephone who can help out in an emergency is sometimes the next best option, particularly if logistics are tricky, there is no interpreter nearby or what you need to know is not detailed or mission-critical.

How does telephone interpreting work?

For telephone interpreting to be effective, you ideally need to know which language your third party will be speaking. We are able to assist if this is not the case, however if you can find out in advance it will save time and ultimately keep your costs down.

To access the service, you’ll receive a call from one of our specialists who will set up the telephone call for you. The interpreter will introduce themselves to both parties and facilitate the conversation. Any questions can be posed via the interpreter and our system will automatically log the time you spend on the call. It is best if the person you want to speak to is expecting the call and you can be certain that they will be available and prepared to speak to you.

How is telephone interpreting charged for?

We charge a standard rate per minute or part minute, which is automatically logged by our system. Typically, a telephone interpreting session is about the same cost as an interpreter attending in person, however you are charged by the minute not the hour and there are no travel costs involved.

An invoice will be issued to you on completion of the call, detailing the time spent and the cost.

Who will the interpreter be?

Our interpreters are all professional linguists who will be selected based on language combination and skillset. They will be experienced in handling interpreting assignments over the telephone, where hearing clearly what has been said can sometimes be an issue.

What can I do to prepare for using the telephone interpreting service?

If possible, please have this information to hand:

  • Language combination needed
  • Timezone/location of the person you want to speak to
  • Agreed time and date to make the call – bearing in mind time differences!
  • Correct phone numbers – preferably a landline and a mobile as back-up
  • A brief summary of what you would like to discuss so we can select the best telephone interpreter to handle the call -eg legal, medical, engineering, marketing, personal, sales
  • Your own list of what you want to speak about, ideally having sent over any relevant documents beforehand to your contact, so they have had time to take a look

Whatever your circumstances, we will endeavour to assist as best we can.

I need some telephone interpreting help - how do I get things moving?

If you have the above information to hand, just give us a call on 0844 856 1086 and we’ll get started straight away.