Transcreation is the art of translating a text in such a way that the key ideas are conveyed in a creative way, rather than a word-for-word manner that follows the structure of the source text.

Transcreation is popular for texts such as press releases, marketing materials, slogans, product names, advertising materials or websites where the translated copy works best if it has a much looser connection to the source text, to make the best impact with the reader.

To successfuly transcreate a text, a linguist will need much more than just good translation skills - they will essentially need to be a copywriter with an extensive appreciation of what wording will work best for the target market, alongside a detailed understanding of the product or service which is being written about.

To get the best from any transcreation project, it's helpful if you can provide style guides, specialist terminology glossaries or marketing briefs which can help our linguists meet your expectations for the target market.

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