Translation Company

MTT are at the forefront of language translation. We’re happy to work with a Word document, a pdf or even a handwritten document. Most formats can be catered for.

When a document is accepted for translation, we talk to our team of professional translators and carefully select the person with the right mother tongue and the best level of specialist experience and qualifications to suit your requirements.

For a major project we might offer sample translations using up to three people so you can choose whose style you prefer.

Whoever is selected, you can be sure that they will be suitably qualified and have the best possible level of experience in that field. For example many of our best technical translators worked as engineers prior to becoming language professionals and can easily spot potential errors in the original source text as they have a good understanding of what they are writing about. Our professional language translators are experts in their field and they are all fluent in the language they practise.

Where applicable the latest CAT memory tools are used to help keep your costs to a minimum and improve the consistency of your translations.

In most cases, translations don’t happen overnight …. although if you’re in a hurry we can probably help. It’s more usual to allow about a day to complete 2000 words which will give the translator enough time to produce a quality piece of work.

If you have a very large assignment we can always select a team of people to work together on your project.

Based in the West Midlands, UK, MTT offer website translation services, technical translations (including technical manual translation services), medical translations, translations for marketing purposes and legal translations to companies and organisations from all around the world.


Proofreading is always available as an option for all translations and is strongly recommended if a document is for publication. Ideally a document for publication should be proofread by someone in the industry who is familiar with your specialist terms and the languages in question. If not, we can arrange proofreading by a second translator as an additional service.

Proofreading can also be offered as a stand-alone service - just give us a call to find out more.

If you are unsure how to proceed with your project, or you need a few ideas to get the translation ball rolling, please contact our team today on: 0844 856 1086 or email: