Areas of Translation and Document Types

The Types of Translation and when to use them in Business

The term 'translation' is vast and varied, and due to the continuing evolvement of the industry sector, there are a wide range of terms used to define very specific translations. Translation and Interpretation agencies, such as Midland Technical Translations, have become specialists within defined areas of translation, giving a truly precise and professional language service.

If you are looking for a specific type of translation for your company, or you are interested to know more about the types of translation services we offer and what documents can be translated, please see the table below.

Type Suitable for Document Types

General Translation
Any company, private individuals Letters, emails, articles, newspaper reports, telephone call transcripts, exam papers, books
Legal Translation Solicitors, barristers, courts, general companies, private individual, legal firms Court papers, police reports, contracts, agreements, investigations, case studies, shareholder documents, terms and conditions, legislation, witness statements
Technical Translation Engineering companies, product manufacturers, design companies, research companies, mining companies Technical manuals, drawings, reports, research papers, educations information, health and safety instructions, legislation, directives, brochures, user instructions, training videos, surveys
Medical Translation Device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, universities, research companies, manufacturers of products affecting human health, environmental companies Technical datasheets, safety datasheets, patient leaflets, medical reports, accident reports, police reports
Engineering Translation Manufacturers, producers, designers Manuals, reports, research papers, brochures, websites, drawings
HR Translation HR companies, recruiters, legal sectors, health and safety departments Adverts for jobs, contracts, dispute resolution, interpreters for hearings, court papers, witness statements, accident reports, staff communications, health and safety paperwork, immigration paperwork, qualifications, assessments
Marketing Translation Marketing companies, marketing departments, website companies, promotional and events companies Flyers, websites, brochures, business cards, banners, exhibition materials, videos, adverts, event documentation, social media documentation
Insurance Translation Insurance companies, HR departments Insurance claims, insurance contracts, accident reports, medical reports, police statements, court reports
Environmental Translation Agricultural companies, geology, geotechnical, food producers Reports, studies, case studies, instruction manuals, legal papers, research papers, articles, surveys


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