As part of the Marketing + Technologies Group, MTT has on-site access to the services of Midland Road Studios.

Midland Road Studios Production Services provides a range of visual media production and support services, everything from a quick edit of some amateur footage for YouTube, right through to a full documentary production, including script writers, presenters, directors, location filming and editing. We also have a full 3D production capacity for animations and virtual product and building movies and interactive tools.

Service to industry

We specialise in providing B2B companies with the production services that they require in a highly professional manner. Apart from the full multi-media service our unique proposition is that we handle technical manufacturing, industrial, engineering, electronic, electrical software and automation systems on a daily basis.

Good with technical subjects

We understand highly technical products and the media channels that technical visual materials are aimed at, so when you talk to us about a brief we are up-to-speed extremely quickly. Having worked with every sector, from automotive to processing, factory automation, utilities, aerospace, food and beverage, transport, mining steel, medical and many others we can help you to produce the media output you want quickly and efficiently, with great results.

Working Onsite

It really doesn’t matter how challenging an environment is, we will make sure we achieve good results; from power stations to processing sites, rally stages to clean rooms we have usually already been to a similar site and have experience that can help with everything from lighting and sound to PPE equipment and good health & safety practice.

Multi channel

We are a very hands-on media production company, with a real interest in visiting production sites from every area of industry. Our on-site teams conduct interviews for PR, sales literature, TV, radio and web broadcasts. Our expert photographers and film crews will get the best from any application.


Midland Road Studios cameramen are experts in coaching people who are not used to being in-front of camera, helping both interviewers and interviewees to relax and get the most out of the experience, while delivering superb finished results.

Personal presentations / webinars

What better way to make the most of all the time you spend on generating PowerPoints, than to film you presenting them and make the resource available 24/7? Not only that but webinars and other presentation media make for great SEO – if you film them and add slides and graphics to make them both engaging and informative to watch.

Conferences / events

Recording conferences and events can be done in many ways, from live streaming onto the internet, to delegate reference materials, or just short overviews to act as a promotional tool for the next event. We can cover any event in any way you need, helping to make the most of your budget and ensuring a good ROI on all levels.

Product sales

Simple to say, but products are much easier to understand and buy when you can see them. We provide everything from a 30sec clip through to a fully rendered 3D environment where products can be explored and understood in huge detail, and also seen in action in different sectors and scenarios. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video can be worth far more...


Most businesses invest in training and most B2B businesses selling products or services offer training, but it is costly and time consuming to organise and promote. By recording training programmes and instructional materials, the information can be transferred from the individual to the medium and then made available on-demand, to a much larger audience. You can also use our hosting services to manage the broadcast side of the function.

Call +44 (0)1562 751436 or visit our website for more information and to see some of our work: