Voiceovers and subtitling

Voiceovers for videos can make the difference when promoting a product or service overseas. They help get the message across with the least distraction for the viewer and can work sympathetically with the original video.

Here at MTT we're happy to arrange voiceovers in a variety of ways:

First we transcribe the original video and have the text translated by a professional translator into their mother tongue.

Then we arrange for a voiceover artist to attend a studio to make the recording or ask for a home recording to be done if appropriate.

The final version is reviewed and edited accordingly.

Voiceovers can be provided in our full range of languages and we offer both male and female voices. We can often organise samples so you can choose which voice you would prefer.

Subtitles can also be arranged following transcription and translation of the original video. Assistance can be given if your subtitles are in an unusual script or you need them shortening to fit.

If you have any queries just give us a call and we'll be happy to talk you through the options.